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We love every client we work with. But there are also those with whom we get along really well. And among them is certainly the Czech company GAPA Group a.s..

The GAPA casino licensed in the Czech Republic differs from its competitors mainly by its concept. Their “grandpa”, whom they use as their mascot, is really great (by the way, Dědek was created by the Pavel Platil studio, as well as many creative characters such as “Alzak”, whom you may know from advertising spots in Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Professionally crafted, excellently designed, with its own, unmistakable character. Just write to their chat and the old man will answer you right away. That’s why the people from “Herny u dědka” are great to work with. They know their players and know how to make “fun” of themselves when communicating with them.

Initially, the cooperation was about helping to direct their online marketing in the Czech Republic. For guys whipped by land-based gambling, the mindset to switch to the online world is always harder. But we have to admit that they know how to listen to others and they are doing it to perfection.

Our marketing audit also revealed the need to create a space for new content for the casino herna.gapagroup.cz, and a blog site. And so we got to work.

A blog built on WordPress

We decided to use the WordPress content management system again for the blog. We have already tested it from other blog solutions we have already deployed for some of our Slovak clients (Tipos, Doublestar). We have again created a custom template. The entire blog must be visually impressive so that a person who clicks through from the casino to the blog has no idea that they have gone to another page and subdomain. It must fit perfectly into existing Synot Interactive casino platform. Together with the client, we agreed that the ideal name for the blog would be “Dědkův kabinet” and we adapted the layout of the content accordingly. The whole blog should resemble a box with “drawers” in which the grandpa hides surprises for the players.

We are glad that shortly after the deployment and writing of the first articles, the response to the blog has been very positive and we have only implemented the initial phase so far, which will be followed by further improvements. We believe that together with the people from GAPA we will be able to set up the whole marketing mix in such a way that it will bring new, satisfied clients to the casino and open the door to other opportunities.

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