WE’RE HOME: Even here at NATALIS, we’re working from home

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We’ll only defeat the coronavirus if we’ll act responsibly. Here at NATALIS we also realize that which is why we’re joining the WE’RE HOME challenge and we’ve been realizing marketing services from home for several days.

Just like a million other people around the world, we are also watching the ever-changing situation concerning the quickly-spreading SARS-COV2 virus and we’re reacting how we can. Being responsible is the least that every one of us can do. Which is why we are fully respecting all the regulations issued by the government but also that of the self-government and city. As soon as it was possible, we’ve moved all of our work home. We’re lucky enough that we can work practically for unlimited time and we believe that we’ll meet again at our offices.

Our clients should not be affected by our move but it is possible that reacting to some requests might take us a minute longer than usual. Let’s face it, communication although online, isn’t as flexible as direct contact. We’ll do everything we can to not make our clients feel that something is different than usual.

We’re sorry that we won’t meet many of them for a long time but being at home and avoiding contact is important for our health. We would like to invite you as well if it’s at all possible, to stay at home. You can work from anywhere and being with family for a longer time isn’t all bad. When all of this passes, and we believe that it’ll be soon, we will be happy to see you all at our place or in your spaces.

Until then, we’ll serve you from our home offices and living rooms. Good health, friends.

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