Video content is important, we create it for you

///Video content is important, we create it for you
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How much time do you have to spend on reading articles on blogs or social networks of companies that are trying to impress you? A few seconds? Just a minute? We agree that there is little time. And reading advertising “nonsense” stretched over a page or more? Who’d like that.

Busy and let’s face it, even a little laziness, more and more people lead to watching instead of reading. We don’t want to say it’s good. We have to take this into account as a fact. Passive viewing of content, instead of reading it, has been experiencing a boom for several years. We’re in the “Netflix” era, and visual content is king.

This trend has been clear in marketing for a long time. Facebook and other social networks have changed the way we consume content. It is paradoxical because Facebook itself started as a platform on which people were supposed to read primarily. Read about what their friends and acquaintances do. Today, however, everything is different.

Short videos, photos, and other visual means of communication clearly reign. At least in marketing they surely do. Try to answer for yourself if you are more interested in a “mile” long status about what a great new bonus your favorite online casino offers, or rather watch the video, which will answer it in 15 to 30 seconds, and guide you where you need to.

And then there’s YouTube, the king of Internet video, where the written word has minimal coverage. Here, videos are what you need to show yourself, to survive, and to show customers what you wanna tell them.

Slovakia is no longer an exception either. Although trends mostly reach us slower, the motto “video content first” has arrived here too. Marketing agencies had to adapt. Even ours did. Everyone needs video. If you don’t know, you have a problem. And so we had to learn. And luckily we’ve learned, we’re smart.

We normally create a video for our affiliate sites. We create our video reviews of selected online casino games in Slovak, Czech, English, and other languages. However, we also offer video content to our clients. We can create a tailor-made video for them, and we can handle classic video ads. Last time we created a short spot for social networks of our client TIPOS, a national lottery company, and video tutorial for mobile registration on

Of course, we’re not going to say that the video format is perfect. For maximum efficiency, it is advisable to combine it with other advertising channels. A blog, landing page or the mentioned social networks, or a comprehensive website. If such an advertising synergy succeeds, the results are excellent. Don’t believe us? Call us back, we’ll prove it to you.

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