Long-distance collaboration? With us, that’s no problem at all.

///Long-distance collaboration? With us, that’s no problem at all.
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Technology and the internet allow us to shift the boundaries of what’s possible, and today it’s quite common to have experts engaged in long-distance collaboration on projects.

Communication via video-conference calls means that it’s no longer necessary to be physically present at meetings. This saves time and in the end also the total costs of the project. We, too, are keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, and so video conferences form a standard part of our work and even the preferred means of communicating with our clients.

Huddle rooms – efficient communication

Have you heard about huddle rooms? These are meeting rooms designed for small teams and equipped with high-quality video conference systems. This allows people to quickly and efficiently join meetings via video calls, operatively invite the required experts, and immediately resolve and communicate all of their requests.

An end to personal meetings?

Certainly not. As the saying goes – nothing can replace personal contact. But we can perhaps make better use of personal contact during an informal coffee break. And everything else? Of course, all of that has already been done before the break even starts.

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