Do you know what is the landing page and what is its purpose?

///Do you know what is the landing page and what is its purpose?
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The creation of high-quality landing pages today remains an underappreciated part of online marketing. And yet this simple aspect has a strong impact on the number of visitors who decide to leave your page, the conversion rate, and the general success of advertising campaigns.

But what actually is the landing page?

As the name suggests, it’s the first page of the website – the one where visitors land after clicking on an ad or link somewhere on the internet. That is why its content should match the text of the ads. It needs to have catchy graphics and contents, and most importantly, it needs to have a strong lead onto conversion – the user’s registration, completing a desired form, sending an order, making a purchase…

What’s the purpose of the page?

The landing page for a brand should inform visitors of the strong points and unique benefits of the company. Something that sets it apart from the competition and where it’s really strong.

On the other hand, a so-called “performance landing page” should contain more information that ties into the ads and campaigns that led the visitor to the page. Its contents must be directly linked with the ad while naturally increasing the visitor’s interest and leading them to perform the desired actions (i.e., towards conversion). It’s a sort of a funnel.

While it might not be obvious, but creating a high-quality landing page can reduce the total costs for PPC advertising. That’s because the relevance of the input page with respect to the ad is one of the evaluated “quality” parameters measured by Google Ads.

The difference between the landing page and a microsite

Landing pages are often mixed up with microsites. Microsites are stand-alone websites which are created to present a new product, service, event, special offer etc. It is always located on a separate domain or subdomain. On the other hand, the landing page is part of the main website or e-shop.

Properties of a correctly designed landing page

Designing the right landing page may sometimes be a daunting task, and it is often required to compare various variants within A/B testing. Performance, monitoring and measuring conversions are all important factors. The header, footer and color tone of the website should be directly linked and correspond to the website and brand. The upper part should contain an image or prominent graphical element – the main message or idea – and of course there should be a prominent CTA element. Below that, there should be a list of the conditions of the special offer or product properties. The texts must be clear, brief, and written in the language used by the target group.

Do you need a landing page?

Our marketing specialists have created dozens of LPs for our clients to date, and by doing so helped them launch truly successful online campaigns. And we’ll be happy to help you, too.

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