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PPC (pay per click) ads

PPC is becoming an increasingly popular form of paid advertising. PPC stands for “pay per click”, which means that you only pay if a potential customer clicks on the ad. A link to your company will be displayed in the search results (e.g., of Google) and may also appear as a banner on various websites, such as Youtube.

PPC ads can certainly bring immediately results – it can improve sales, help reach business targets, improve brand awareness and create a closer relationship with your customers. This form of advertising is mainly intended for companies who want to build up a strong reputation, fortify a leading position on the market, or quickly obtain new customers.

PPC (pay per click) ads

How do we proceed in the implementation of PPC ads?

  • We will firs
  • We then define the goals together with you
  • We focus on keywords and market analysis, as these will help us find the right solution
  • We’ll design the ads, their structure and monthly budget
  • The outcome is PPC advertising that will be targeted only at relevant customers and will link directly to your products and services
  • We’ll also send you detailed reports on the results of the campaigns
  • We can carry out A/B testing in order to evaluate various alternatives
PPC for DoubleStar Bet betting agency on Google Ads, azetklik, etarget, inres, Strossle, ...

DoubleStar Bet betting agency

PPC ads for a betting agency in Google Ads, azet klik, Strossle.

Customer: Program® spol. s r. o.

Market: Slovakia

Carried out on: 2018 – 2019

Ad certification for online gambling in Google Ads.

Google Ads for iGaming in Romania

Ad certification for online gambling in Google Ads. Configuration and optimization of PPC ads in Google Ads.

Customer: Affiliate RO Ltd. (Malta)

Market: Romania

Carried out on: 2018 – 2019

PPC ads in Google Ads, training of university employees

PPC ads for University of Žilina

PPC ads in Google Ads, training of university employees.

Customer: Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Žilina

Market: Slovakia

Carried out on: 2018