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SEO, linkbuilding

Another must-have in the growing area of online business includes a pre-configured SEO and high-quality linkbuilding. On-site SEO, referring to search engine optimization, allows your potential customers to easily find and contact you. The correct use of keywords in your texts will increase the position of links to your company in searches, meaning that customers will be more likely to notice you.

Linkbuilding is basically about creating backward links, and remains one of the most important aspects of optimization for search engines. The created links all point towards your website, which means customers can also reach it more easily. A high-quality link profile also increases the value of your website.

How do we proceed during SEO optimization?

  • We’ll first learn about your business and competition.
  • We then define the goals together with you.
  • We characterize the customers and your target group.
  • We carry out keyword analysis and propose changes in the website content.

How do we proceed during linkbuilding (off-site SEO)?

  • We analyze your link profile, positions.
  • We analyze the competition.
  • We agree on and set a monthly budget dedicated to linkbuilding.
  • We create and publish content for relevant websites with links to your website.
  • And we do our best to remove all toxic links.


  • The customer has a good overview of all obtained links, their quality and prices
  • He/she also receives up-to-date and regular SEO reports, from our online system in graphical form

SEO optimization

SEO analysis, creating a blog and optimized content.

Customer: TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a. s.

Carried out on: 2019


SEO optimization within website creation

Basic SEO optimization of a new website already during its creation.

Customer: SWISS spol. s r.o.

Carried out on: 2017 – 2018

Linkbuilding for Teletrade

Keyword analysis and linkbuilding for an international corporation

Keyword analysis, on-page SEO website optimization, linkbuilding on the Slovak and Czech market.

Customer: Teletrade-dj International Consulting Ltd (Cyprus)

Carried out on: 2014

iGaming search top possitions

Top positions in iGaming searches

Technical analysis, on-page SEO optimization, conversion optimization, text editing, linkbuilding on several european markets (mainly Slovakia and Czech Republic). Improving search positions for blogs in one of the most competitive areas – in iGaming.

Customers: Grisio media Ltd., Digital Gorilla Ltd., SYNOT TIP, a.s., Program® spol. s r. o., NATALIS, s.r.o.

Carried out on: from 2010 (running)