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Increasing numbers of customers search for information about products or services using the Internet. The share of sales made on the Internet keeps growing. Today, most people have access to the Internet at work, school or home. People say: “Everything is on the web …”. And you can’t afford not to be there.

Do you need webpages of your company or portal solution with modern design and friendly user interface? Tell us, use the services of our web designer, and our rich experience in web solutions sphere.


Respozívny webdizajn stránky futbalovaskolajuventus.sk, wordpress tema

SWISS, spol. s r.o.

Url: www.swissservice.sk
Realized: 2018/01

Responsive wordpress theme webdesign (optimized for mobile devices), SEO, editorial content.

FC Juventus Žilina, o.z.

Realized: 2016/03

Responsive webdesign (optimized for mobile devices), new responsive wordpress theme and customization

Webdesign for soccer school Juventus Zilina, optimised for pc, mobile and tablets (responsive design)
Website design for pc and mobile devices (responsive webdesign)


Customer: Grisio Ltd.
Realized: 2015/05
Url: casinoslotgames.eu

Responsive redesign (optimized for mobile devices)


Customer: Grisio Ltd.
Realized: 2015/09
Url: pokeronlinegame.eu

Responsive redesign (optimized for mobile devices)

Webdesign for pokeronlinegame.eu for pc, mobile and tablets (responsive design)
Webdesign of website rouletteonlinegame.eu with mobile device optimalization


Customer: Grisio Ltd.
Realized: 2015/05
Url: rouletteonlinegame.eu

Webdesign optimized for mobile devices (responsive design)


Customer: Grisio Ltd.
Realized: 2015/06
Url: blackjackonlinegame.eu

Webdesign optimized for pc, mobile and tablets (responsive design)

Redesign of site blackjackonlinegame.eu optimized for mobile devices
Webdesign of website autoservispucek.sk

Autoservis Púček SOF spol. s r.o.

Realized: 2012/10

Webdesign, website