SEO services, linkbuilding sk, cz

SEO services

The core services that our company now provides include SEO services – SEO optimisation of web pages for search engines. From our own experience, we know that many companies invest considerable amounts into eye-catching web pages and updates. However, this is useless unless an Internet user finds your firm when searching for a particular product or service.

SEO on-page analysis

SEO analysis of your website is the first step to corrective action. Issues and weaknesses can be identified from SEO analysis results, and corrective actions can be taken in terms of further SEO optimisation of onpage factors.

Linkbuilding sk, cz

An important part of SEO optimisation is link-building – the acquisition of back-links. Google and other search engines will consider your site as useful only when many quality sites refer to you. It is desirable to obtain a large number of back-links in a short time. For the best result, it is necessary to acquire quality back-links on an ongoing basis.

Price, long-term SEO service

SEO optimisation is a unique service, since every project is different. Therefore, the price of optimisation tends to vary. It greatly depends on your business area and the competition, rate of progress, and the time required to achieve the desired effect. SEO service is not a sprint, it’s a long-distance run. Please contact us by e-mail to calculate the monthly cost and time estimate for service implementation.

SEO sk, SEO cz, other markets

Our services are provided mainly for the following markets: Slovakia (SEO sk) and the Czech Republic (Seo cz). If interested, we can also prepare projects for Poland (Seo pl). A local partner can be recommended for countries such as Germany, Austria and Hungary.

SEO tools

All work requires the necessary tools to increase efficiency. We use multiple SEO tools from leading SEO software suppliers, helping us analyze the status of web pages and link profiles. We additionally offer our customers online access to reports and statistics for implemented projects via These online SEO analyses allow our clients to implement certain SEO services on their own, supervised by our experienced employees.


The main customers who use our experience in SEO and linkbuilding services, include:

  • Teletrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd, Cyprus
  • Grisio Ltd., Seychelles